Blue Planet Aquarium June 2001

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The Coastal Diving Club went on a trip to Ellesmere Port to the Blue Planet aquarium. We had a tour of the aquarium and then we were split into two groups to go in the water.

The main tank contains 2,500,000 litres of water with another 1,000,000 litres in the system. It is kept at around 25 degrees and is mixed on site.

They have a number of Sand Tiger sharks and Nurse sharks along with a selection of rays and various other fish.

All the fish look well kept and seem to be happy - something I was pleased to see as I am not a big fan of 'spectacle' type zoos and performing dolphinariums.

We were escorted through the water by two of the aquarium's divers who's job it is to sacrifice their lives to save ours. A very good job they made of the tour although thankfully we didn't have to find out if they really would have done it.

Everyone had a good time and I'm sure a return trip will take place in the future.