Celebrate The Sea 2003 Video

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These are the video files. The video runs for just over 6 minutes. Click on the one you want to download and enjoy.

Small file around 20 meg


Large file around 42 meg
















This is the page for the Celebrate the Sea competition in Kuala Lumpur. This competition was run in conjuction with theAntibes Underwater Film Festival. My entry is included here in two forms. A relatively small and quick file - around 20 meg thjat doesn't really stand up to full screen viewing. And a 42 meg version that does. If you can I recommend you down load the bigger one as the quality is so much better.

About the movie. Well it was shot in various places over the last few years including Galapagos, Western Australia and The Red Sea.

The music is Desert Oak written by James Maguire and performed by Laliya. Thanks to Jim and Melissa for allowing me to use the piece. You can find them at Please visit their web-site and download some of their music.

Getting to the techie side I edited it on my laptop using the new Premiere 6.5 which is better yet although the new Premiere Pro looks worth getting.

I have put this video together on a DVD. If you like it and would like a really good quality version email me. I can't guarantee I'll be able to send them out but I'd like to know what the demand is likely to be then decide from there.