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Maldives - April 2005 - underwater

Galapagos - September 2003

Sea Life Festival Exmouth - April 2002

Red Sea - October 2001

Blue Planet Aquarium - Ellesmere Port June 2001

Galapagos November 2000

Maldives April 2000

Farne Islands August 1999
Stoney Cove
Eilat Jan 1999

This is where you get to see my photos.

They're nearly all stills grabbed from my digital camcorder. See Talk techie page.

They're all taken by me except for one or two which are credited accordingly.

Please feel free to download any you like and if you want to use them for a non-commercial purpose that's OK. Please let me know though because it's nice to be appreciated.

BMP versions are available for a lot of them if you need a better quality image.