Farne Islands August 1999

and July 2000

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In August 1999 an intrepid group of 12 divers and drinkers or should I say drinkers and divers went to sample the delights of the British North Sea. They were all members of the Coastal Diving Club based at Stoney Cove. This was an unusual name as they all live about as far as you can from the coast in England. They sailed with skipper Stan Hall, an institution in these parts. This is a set of images that came from that trip. By the way no animals were harmed in taking these pictures although some have gone on to become stars of film and TV.

The following year we all went back and had a couple of days at St Abbs too. Some of these pictures are from that trip. We didn't get to dive St. Abbs because the weather was too bad. Still the pubs around there were nice.