Maldives 2005 Videos


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Part 1

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Part 2

1.00.01 - 2.00.00


Part 3

2.00.01 - 3.00.00

Part 4

3.00.01 - 4.00.00

Part 5

4.00.01 - 5.00.00


Part 6

5.00.01 - 6.00.00

Part 7

6.00.01 - 6.31.15

This is the whole piece


This is the whole piece at 4.5 mbps. Sorry its about 211 meg but I think it's worth the download.  
This is one of the original 60meg files for comparison




























This is the page for the video from Maldives 2005. It was taken with my new Sony HDR-FX1E HDV camcorder in an Equinox housing. The video resolution is 1440x1080 interlaced.

The music is Cerulean Blue by Laliya again. Thanks guys for the use of it. Visit them at

I've split it into seven files of 1 minute each except for the last one which is just over half a minute.

Thanks to a point in the right direction from Wags I've been able to reduce the file size to around a quarter of what it was so each one minute chunk is now around 14meg and the complete thing is about 90 meg.

For those who are interested these are the settings I used.

Based on a WM9 1080 25P anamorphic preset.

General Summary:Output: Compressed Average Kbps: 1929.30

Video Summary: Codec: Windows Media Video 9 Encoding Passes: One Bitrate Mode: Constant Allow interlaced processing: On

Audio Summary: Codec: Windows Media Audio 9 Encoding Passes: One Bitrate Mode: Constant

Audiences Summary: Target 1 Decoder Complexity: Auto Maximum Bitrate [kbps]: 1865.30 (low quality) Frame Rate [fps]: 25 Pixel Aspect Ratio: 4:3[Custom] Frame Width [pixels]: 720 Frame Height [pixels]: 540 Keyframe Interval [seconds]: 4 Buffer Size [seconds]: Default Image Quality: 70.00 (high quality) Audio Format: 64 kbps, 48 kHz, stereo (A/V) CBR

And now I've added a version at 4.5mbps which is big but the quslity is very good. Thanks again to Wags for working out the best bit-rate.