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Whalesharks - click any thumbnail to download
3.88 meg, runs for 1 minute 05 seconds

The main competition entry
"Where the outback meets the reef"
21.2 meg runs for 4 minutes 46 seconds

Dances With Mantas
21.2 meg runs for 3 minutes 18 seconds
Runs at 750kb/s

Sea Snake
9.6 meg runs for 2 minutes 9 seconds


Hermit Crab
4.89 meg runs for 1 minute 5 seconds


Bait Ball
8.94 megs runs for 1minute 25 seconds
Runs at 750kb/s





These are the video clips from the Sea Life Festival. I entered the video competition and won both categories. You can imagine I was pretty chuffed about this.

The main category was for video shot and edited during the festival. I took my laptop with me so I could make a job of it. I spent virtually all of the 20 hours between finishing diving on Friday and deadline time on Saturday afternoon editing it. I apologise to my room mate, Leo for disturbing him during this time and thank him for the loan of the headphones. The prize was a 3 day whaleshark package and a 2 day dive package at Coral Bay. Thanks for the prize. I'll see you next April hopefully.

The other category was for the best 15 second whaleshark clip and the prize was $1,000 in cash - not bad for 20 minutes work.

The main entry and an extended version of the whaleshark clip are on this page along with the a few other bits I've put together including a piece with mantas doing barrel rolls feeding. The vis wasn't very good there but the mantas seemed happy so that was OK. I'm also trying to put a program about the Navy Pier together soon.

You'll notice I have music now on my vids and I'd like to thank Carl Larsson for allowing me to use his music. I'm sure you'll agree the music really sets the video off. If you like his music please write to him and tell him at

I now have a new host for the website so all videos will now be unsplit. Sorry if it takes a long time to download them but I intend to improve the quality of any new videos which will unfortunately make the files bigger still. I apologise to my visitors on dial up modems but the quality of the videos will be worth the download time.