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The Stanegarth

These pictures were taken at Stoney Cove. This is a flooded quarry about 3 miles from my house so you could say it's my back yard. They were taken at various times over the last couple of years. Many of them are of divers which is not surprising since that's something 'The Cove' is not short of. Around 500 divers descend on the Cove - literally - each day of every weekend throughout the year.

Other pictures show the varied life that can be found there. Such as crayfish, pike, perch and especially ducks. Ducks look incredibly funny from underneath. I have to hold my regulator in if I sit and watch them in case I spit it out laughing. Just watch the video.

There are a number of things that have been placed in the water. Probably the most popular attraction is the Stanegarth, an old barge sunk in 2000 in around 20 metres of water. There are some pictures taken on there including one of a painting on the bulkhead painted by a sailor. Also there is a Wessex helicopter that has unfortunately been decimated by souvenier hunters - after all a piece of a helicopter body plucked from the hazardous depths of a quarry is really worth having. A couple of minis used in the "Scrapyard Challenge" TV program are down there and a coach too.