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On this page I'll tell you about the kit I use.

The camera is a Sony SC100 mini DV that sadly is no longer made or sold. It has a permanent rear screen that you use to view the image. This is a lot better than squinting through a viewfinder as on most camcorders. It only has a single CCD but I don't miss the other 2. I have 2 of these cameras. One for underwater and one for topside shots.

I put the camera in a Sea & Sea VX100 housing. This has no electronics so is simple and not affected by flooding - although the camera inside is!

To top up the meagre light level you find at 30 metres I use a Light and Motion Mini Sunray rig. This has two 30 watt lamps with nice reflectors that don't give hot spots. It was bloody expensive but well worth it for the quality of light. The lights burn for about 35 minutes so you can't use it for a night dive torch.

To get closer to big things and still get them in I have a 16mm Sea&Sea wide angle lens that originally came from a Motormarine II still camera. Finally I use colour correction filters that clip over the lens.

When I get the footage back home I put it on my PC for still and video capture. I have a 3.06 Ghz desk top with a wopping 250 Gb external firewire hard-drive.

To edit the videos I use Adobe Premiere which I love to bits. I started with version 5.1 and have repeatedly upgraded until I now use Premiere Pro. I also have the rest of the Adobe Video Suite but have yet to do much with any of it except for Photoshop.

To build this website I used Macromedia Dreamweaver 3. Other bits of software that have featured in my work are Paint Shop Pro, Fireworks and an MPEG encoder from Tsunami.

I also have a 1Ghz laptop which I have taken on some trips.

Finally one of my cameras has been DVin enabled with a widget I bought from Switzerland. Pity I needed to - write to your EC MP and get the stupid law on camcorders changed.