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21st July 2007

Sadly I've had to remove all email access from the site. I've been getting spammed more and more and I can only think they're scanning the site for email addresses. It's a shame I have to do it but this is my only email address and I don't want it getting any worse. My apologies to any visitors who want to get in touch . I'm going to try to get a contact database page going instead.

20th June 2007

More than a year since my last update. Have hardly been diving. I did take my new camera and housing into Stoney Cove and shot about 45 minutes. I've not done much with it as my computer has been playing up. Anyway it finally gave up for good so now I've got a new one. It's a core 2 quad machine so about as fast a PC as you can get at the moment without going silly money. Got a 540GB hard drive so now I've got more than 2 terrabytes. Also waiting for the new Premiere Pro CS3 to be released - come on Adobe what are you playing at? Actually I'm just downloading the preview version right now so I'll let you know how I get on with it. It's coming down at well over 800KB per second - isn't broadband fantastic! Almost 700 MB in 12 minutes!

Also in the last year I've redone my Red Sea video. I'm really pleased with it. I've put it on a DVD and it looks great on a big TV. When I've cleared the use of the music in it I'll put it all up.

25th May 2006

I've finally got a video from the Navy Pier. I know I shot it 4 years ago. I'm really pleased with it. The footage is the best I've done. Hope you enjoy it. Worth the 50MB download.

14th May 2006

I'm busying myself at the moment re-editing all my footage from the Red Sea in 2001. This is so I can put it onto DVD. It's about an hour and a quarter long. It's all with music as my later stuff tends to be. I'll be putting it (some) up soon when  I can get the OK from the people whose music it is.

Also putting together a piece from theNavy Pier in Exmouth Western Australia from 2003. That should find its way up soon too.

9th May 2006

It's been a bit quiet recently but some things are progressing here. A few weeks ago I bought a new Sony DCR-HC1 HDV camcorder. Then I sold my FX1 on Ebay for what I consider a good price.

This has enabled me to buy a new housing. It's an Amphibico Dive Buddy EVO Pro. I ordered it yesterday and it arrived this morning. Pretty good service. Here are a couple of pictures of it. Note the size compared with the Equinox one (same cup in each shot). And yes we have got a new dining table.

The monitor will follow soon when it's been shipped from Canada and the light arms will complete it so I can hang my Treble Hid lights on it. Then the old kit will go on Ebay. Keep a look out if you're interested.

21st July 2005

I've put up a new version of the Maldives video with a higher bitrate (4.5mbps). Thanks to Wags for working out the best bitrate for this.

9th July 2005

I've replaced the Maldives video with some smaller ones. They're coming in at around a quarter of the original size. 14 meg a piece or 90 meg for the whole 6 1/2 minutes. That should make it a bit more accessible to visitors with slower connections.

3rd July 2005

I got an email from Wags of Exmouth Diving - that's the Ozzie one not Devon. He was saying he's getting an Amphibico housing for his FX1 next week and was going to put up some video from it as soon as he could. First underwater HDV footage on the web he said. Thanks, Paul, for galvanising me into action to produce an HDV video from my Maldives trip around 12 months ahead of time according to my usual schedule.

Here it is. Enjoy.

You can visit Wags and Kelly at Give them a look. They seem to have thoughts that align a lot with mine.

29th June 2005

I've put up an updated version of the 'Talk Techie' page. The old one was getting a bit out of date. It's got information on my new HDV camera.

25th June 2005

Today I've put up around 160 stills from my Maldives trip in April. The quality is much better than those from my old mini DV camera. Enjoy.

I'll be putting some topside shots up soon plus some video when I've edited it - you know me!

26th March 2005

My new housing was despatched on Thursday 24th so I'm spending all my time tracking the shipment. It's supposed to arrive at Heathrow airport this morning so fingers crossed and with help from HM Customs and Excise I should have it early next week. None too soon either as I'm off to the Maldives next weekend.

18th February 2005

Today I ordered a new housing for my Sony HDV camera. It's called an FX1-PRO from Equinox Underwater Products in US. Hoping to get it in about three weeks. Here's a picture of it.

28th December 2004

Hope you all had a great Christmas. I had a nice present (from me) here are some pictures of it taken with my old SC100.

It's a Sony HDR-FX1E high definition camcorder.

For the technically interested it produces video and stills at a resolution of 1440 x 1080 pixels compared with the 720 x 576 that mini DV produces. It's a 3 chip machine so the image quality is much better too.

Here are some pictures of my old SC100 I took with it in worse light.


See - widescreen - wow!!!!

Click to see the pictures at half size.

I'm currently trying to find a housing for it and when I do you can expect some much better quality content on the website.

Have a happy new year.

2nd December 2004

Received an email today from Geoff Gallop, Premier of Western Australia, telling me of the extension of the Ningaloo Marine Park by 60 kilometres south to include the whole reef. They've also increased sanctaury zones from 10% to 34% of the new park. This is good news and well done to all who worked for it.

If you want to read more about it here's a link to the Ningaloo Coast website.

28th November 2004

I've added a new page to the video section. This is for the videos from my Galapagos trip last year - OK a bit late I know. There are two videos on it so far. The hammerhead one from last year and a proper video I've put together about a dive with sealions. I intend to add some more soon. Go to the normal Video Page to find it. Hope you enjoy them.

21st October 2004

I've received an email today from the Save Ningaloo organisers. I've placed a link here so you can go and join their campaign to increase the amount of protected reef from 10% to a more realistic 30% - 50%. Please be quick and do this as there is only about a week left to act.

And don't forget to come back here when you've done it.

22nd September 2004

Put up a video of a sealion dive I did in Galapagos.

7th February 2004

OK. At last I've finished putting up the Galapagos stills. Sorry it's been such a long time coming.

I've changed the style of the new pages so that you can scroll the thumb prints and text up and down but the background stays still. If you can't find a working scroll bar on the right press F11 and all will be revealed.

I'm now going to start on the Galapagos video footage - hopefully that won't be so long.

4th February 2004

The visit count is rocketing up - over 1,800 in January. Who are you all?

Sorry. I've been a long time getting things ready from the Galapagos trip. Anyway I've nearly finished the stills part so to begin with I've put up some pages from the new content. You'll find it on the current image page. I'll try to get some more done today.

Anyway a belated happy new year to all my visitors.

30th November 2003

I just can't believe it. I've noticed through the summer my visit count was getting more and more but yesterday the site statistics showed 1000 visits this month. Where are you all coming from I'd like to know. But also if you were one of that 1000 then thanks and if you weren't then thanks for visiting today.

1st November 2003

Well I'm back from Galapagos - in fact I've been back for 3 weeks. It was a good trip and I saw a lot of interesting things. Thanks to Michael for organising it and thanks to everyone on the Daphne for making it good. I'm trawling through the 7 hours of footage that I've taken and I'm pleased with what I've seen so far. It'll take a while before I've done it so here's a 19 second clip of a hammerhead that I'm particularly pleased with. It's about 1.2 meg so not too long a download. Hope you enjoy it and come back soon when the rest of the Galapagos content will be up I hope.

14th September 2003

I've been preparing for my Galapagos trip next week. Getting my video kit together and checking it's OK. I've got the new Adobe Premiere Pro but haven't done too much with it yet. I've been trying to make an NTSC version of my DVD so I can take it with me next week. Been getting a lot of visits to the site - don't know where you're all coming from but hope you enjoy you visit. Some must be coming from Junglewalk who have a load of links to me on their site. As a reciprocal thing here's a link to theirs - Take a look at them they've got some really interesting content.

12th August 2003

It's been nearly a year since I put anything up so now I'm going to make up for it. Sorry if people have been trying unsuccesfully to get on to the site. I've had a bit of trouble with my host and routing the URL but I've got a new host now and so hopefully things should be OK.

I've spent the last couple of months putting a competition entry together for the Celebrate the Sea competition in Kuala Lumpar. It has been a good effort I think so I'm putting it up for you to see. It's about 6 minutes long and I've put two versions up. One half the size of the other with less quality of course. Hope you enjoy watching it. Also I'm in the process of putting it on a DVD. The quality is really good. If you'd like a copy email me. I can't guarantee I'm going to be able to supply them but I'd like to see how much interest there is and see from there. Let me know where in the world you are too please.

On the kit front my beloved laptop has died of a broken hard-drive so I'm not sure what to do with it. In the meantime I've got a new desktop with a 3 gig P4 processor. It's really nice and videos get rendered in no time.


8th September 2002

It seems that I always promise updates in a month and it ends up taking four. I must apologise to all my visitors and especially the friends old and new I met in Oz for being so late with this update.

I've got a new host and so I've been rebuilding the site. The additional material is from my trip to the Sea Life Festival in Western Oz in April / May. I entered the video competion and won first place with that. The video is on the video page. The music for the video was written and produced by Carl Larsson. If you like the music you can contact Carl at I also added a piece I put together about Dancing Mantas. Carl wrote the music to this to. Thanks Carl for letting me use this. I'm particularly pleased with the stills from the Navy Pier at Exmouth. I'm putting a video together to put up soon (I hope).

I went to Cornwall in June to try and film basking sharks. Unfortnately the water was too cold for them (and for me too) so they didn't show.

I was contacted by Julie Miller Editor of Science News online magazine. She told me of a story they were carrying written by Janet Raloff about the apprehension of a large boat sailing near Mexico carrying 32 tons of shark fins. This is a story about an horrendous act but sadly all too common these days. Thanks for letting me know about it and here's the link to the story. Shark finning.

2nd April 2002

Well it's been a long time since I've put anything new up but I've made up for it this week. I've put up a set of stills and videos from the Red Sea liveaboard that I went on last September. The trip was only 10 days after the tragic events of September 11th. The Egyptians were as friendly as ever and many of them that I spoke to showed deep regret for what had happened and were very keen to be distanced from the actions. The videos are much bigger and are proper edited sequences taken from the actual video tape that I produced from the trip. This tape runs for about 80 minutes. I've had to split the clips for downloading because of the size. I've included an MPEG joiner to download so you can join the sections of the clips together after you've downloaded them. I've also put up my entry for the video competiton in Asian Geographic Magazine last month.

12th August 2001

This week I've got myself a new laptop PC. 1Ghz processor, 256mb memory 30Gb hard drive, firewire. Pretty good and very fast! Used it to upload 4 clips from the 24 hour shoot project in April 1999. These are crynoids, lionfish, stingray and a turtle. Three of them are at a higher bitrate than before (50% more) and so are bigger files. See what you think.

8th June 2001

Put the Blue Planet video up. It's big (12Mb) but it does run for over 5 minutes. Quality doesn't stand full screen all the time but some of it does. Rippling surface shots spoil it by being blocky. Did a nice version on CD - nearly 400Mb but the quality is nearly as good as DVD and music too.

2nd June 2001

Went to the Blue Planet aquarium at Ellesmere Port with the Coastal Diving Club. Dived with the sharks in the tank. Put some stills up today. Videos will follow later in the week.

1st/2nd April 2001

Bought Premiere 6 and installed it. Not done much with it yet. Also bought Dazzle DV Bridge - a digital/analogue video converter so content can now go straight to VHS tape. Also got my computer working properly so I like it now a bit. Downloaded the whole site from the ISP to my PC - took ages - left the link to the internet up all night and went to bed - glad I don't have to pay the phone bill!

19th Febraury 2001

Spent the weekend uploading some video clips from the Maldives and Galapagos from last year. The site is now more than 60 mb! Going to buy the new Adobe Premiere version 6 soon. I may redo all of the videos if Premiere makes a difference.

10th Febraury 2001

I've added some more pictures of Stoney Cove especially the Stanegarth. Also Some more pictures of the Farne Islands when we went last year. Finally I've added 9 more quite good quality videos.

January 2001

At last I feel OK - that was some bug! Now I can get the Galapagos pictures on. Happy new year to all my visitors.

November 2000

Back from Galapagos and I've got some South American bug so this can wait. I did put a manta video clip on though.

October 2000

At last the site goes on-line with Maldives Sea Life Festival 2000, Farne Islands 1999, Eilat 1999 and some of Stoney Cove. I've been meaning to do this for a couple of years. It's easy with Dreamweaver though.