"Far away, in a room so secretly, close their eyes and let it all out into the sea hoping nobody else will see". Taken from "Look Out Any Window" by Bruce Hornsby and the Range.

HALT THE SALT is an organisation wanting to stop the setting up of a massive salt mine occupying over 400 square kilometers close to the Exmouth Gulf in Western Australia. There are no plans for the disposal of toxic bittens produced as a result of this mining which would be the biggest salt mine in Australia. "They have a massive waste disposal problem and their only plan is to hide it in the hope that an alternative comes along in the future."

But some people will make an awful lot of money out if it so that's OK!?

If you feel that this should not happen, as I do, please visit their website and give them your support. AND PLEASE DO IT QUICKLY.

"Far away too many leaders let them get their way. Close their eyes and let it all out into the bay. Say I'll clear it up another day"


During the time of the world cup think of this and visit the link -

Greenpeace:Every four secondsTEN football fields of marine life wiped out by bottom trawlers

Bad news that I shouldn't have to put on my site. Please read this even if you don't look at anything else.


























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